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        Photo by Matt Odom                         [20]

        Photo by Daemon Baizan                     [42]                                             [30]     Photo by Matt Odom

        [20] Rebuilding the Georgia Peach Brand
              Three fifth­generation peach farmers are leveraging cooperation among growers – and the
              sweet taste of local fruit – to revive the state’s peach industry.
        [26] An Emerging Vision for Georgia Citrus

              Lindy Savelle’s passion for the family farm, satsumas and networking with fellow growers is
              powering Georgia’s citrus industry.

        [30] Traditional Farming’s New Marketing Success
              Social media and unique marketing techniques are helping Georgia farmers drive new
              customers to their traditional products.
        [42] What’s Old Is New Again in Georgia

              Consumers are rediscovering the tasty traditions of Georgia’s local butcher shops, where
              farm­fresh products and customer service never go out of style.

        [56] A Taste of Georgia
              Responding to their customers’ desires for gourmet foods, Georgia retailers don’t have to
              look further than their own backyards and the Georgia Grown network.
        [66] Flavorful Georgia

              The annual Flavor of Georgia contest highlights the best of Georgia foods – and the passion
              behind each product.

        On the Cover J.E. “Skeeter” Collins has been working at Stripling’s General Store since 1993.
        Photo by Jennifer Stalcup                                                                               [ 3 ]
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