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                                         [13] Georgians Lead National Ag
                                             Georgia’s Sonny Perdue and Zippy Duvall highlight the state’s
                                             agribusiness industry in their new roles on the national stage.
                                         [52] School Nutrition Sources Local
                                             Georgia’s farm­to­school program partners school nutritionists
                                             with local growers for delicious results.

                                         [62] Kitchen Community
                                             PREP Atlanta’s shared kitchen concept offers artisan cooks a
                                             professional space to grow their small businesses.

                                         [72] Farm to Chef’s Table: Georgia Grown’s Executive Chef Program
                                             Six top chefs from Georgia’s restaurant scene share their quest to
                                             serve up local, seasonal foods that exemplify the state’s
                                             agricultural wealth.
                                [38]     [78] Building an Artisan Community
                                             Two Georgia small business owners discover one another – and the
                                             value of networking with like­minded artisans for market success.
                                         [86] Tapping Natural Resources for Agribusiness Growth
                                             Two Georgia bottlers leverage consumer demands for artesian
                                             water, the state’s natural springs and their local business
                                             communities to strengthen a market niche.

                                         Market Trends
                                           [38] Peanuts and Pecans: Global Commodities With Local Roots

                                           [48] Networking to Meet Market Trends in Pet Foods
                                           [82] From Hobby to Home­based Business with the Cottage
                                [65]                  Food License Program

                                           [84] New Sector Spicing up Georgia Agribusiness

                                           [88] Market Bulletin Celebrates 100 Years of Farming News
                                           [92] Find Georgia Grown at the Georgia National Fair

                                           [96] Research Continues to Make Vidalias the Sweet Choice

                                         Georgia Grown Recipes               Departments

                                           [60] Roasted Tomato Hot Sauce     [11] Commissioner’s Letter
                                           [65] Country Captain Chicken      [17] Calendar of Events
                                           [74] Huckleberry Buckle Cake      [18] Agricultural Commodities
                                           [77] Georgia Shrimp With Sweet    [98] Index of Advertisers
                                                      Corn Gnocchi and Sapelo   [100] About Georgia Grown
          Georgia Grown is available for               Island Shellfish Sauce
              viewing, sharing and
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