Animal Control Information Sheet

General Information

A person or business with a GDA animal shelter license must comply with the relevant regulations of the Georgia Animal Protection Act.  All laws and rules, as well as sample forms, can be found on our main Pets page..

Documents requiring a signature must be signed. All required documents must be available for inspection at the address listed on the animal shelter license.       

All Records Require

Transactions, including transaction date; name and address of the business or person involved in the transaction; GDA license number; phone number; animal identification number; animal type; animal description.

Incoming Record-Keeping Requirements

Incoming records must include information on seized, stray, homeless, abandoned, or unwanted dogs, cats, and other animals; release of ownership to animal control; live births; custodial care (a paid custodial care provider must have a GDA kennel license).

Interstate shipment requirements must follow GDA Animal Protection rules. If a certificate of veterinary inspection is required, it must be available for inspection.

Outgoing Record-Keeping Requirements

Outgoing records must include information on adoption; animal control release of ownership; owner reclamation; euthanized, deceased, escaped, or stolen animals; custodial care (a paid custodial care provider must have a GDA kennel license).

Animal Location Record-Keeping Requirements

If animals aren’t at the address listed on the animal shelter license, provide their current location. Include location name, address, and dates the animal was kept at the location. Foster home locations must be recorded on foster home forms. 

Foster Home/Animal Shelter Agent Requirements

A paid Foster Home/Animal Shelter Agent must obtain the appropriate GDA license and follow the Foster Home/Animal Shelter Agent - Agreement.  We recommend an initial inspection prior to placing an animal with a foster home or animal shelter. Two inspections are required each year (summer and winter inspections are recommended). You must provide the name of the licensed business or person and Foster Home/Animal Shelter Agent; animal identification number(s); and date in/date out.