Produce Safety

Produce Safety

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) works with fruit and vegetable farmers to make sure they meet Federal safety requirements.  This program helps consumers know that they are getting safe, quality produce.



  • About this Program

    The FDA’s Produce Safety rule, which became law in 2016 to implement the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, established safety standards for fruits and vegetables grown for human consumption. The Georgia Produce Safety team works closely with state growers so they can better understand the rules they’re following. The program regulates raw produce and focuses on those who work directly with fruits and vegetables. The rule covers worker health and hygiene, biological soil amendments, water regulations, wild and domestic animals, and cleaning buildings and equipment.

    See a list of crops covered by the rule

    Producers selling over $25,000 per year who grow, harvest, pack, or hold fresh produce for consumption will usually be covered by the Produce Safety Rule. Find out if your farm must comply:

  • Next Steps

    If you’re a Georgia farmer who grows produce for public sale and consumption, we encourage you to fill out the Farm Data Collection form even if you don’t have to comply with the Produce Safety Rule.

    We also encourage you to attend Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training.

    Any producer/farm required to comply with the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) needs to send at least one supervisor/manager to a Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training session, offered throughout Georgia at a reasonable cost. Remote training is also offered. See list of remote classes.

  • Education Opportunities

    If your farm or association is interested in learning more about the Produce Safety Rule and how the Georgia Department of Agriculture may work with farmers, please contact the Georgia Produce Safety Education and Outreach Coordinator, Caroline Haney at (

    The Georgia Produce Safety Program has a number of training and outreach materials available free of charge to all interested farmers or consumers. Upcoming Trainings:

    Training for Farmers and Growers on Produce Safety Rules

    Training for Farmers and Growers on Produce Safety Rule - May 22nd

    Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training

    Check back for future training classes

    Produce Safety Resources

    Fruit and Vegetable Food Safety Training Video for Field Employees

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    The best way to protect Georgia's produce is by working together. Please assist us by identifying your farm and providing your contact information in order to receive important tips and updates regarding the implementation of the Produce Safety Rule. Contact Caroline Haney at to sign up for an On Farm Readiness Review or with any questions.

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