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The Feed program ensures correct labeling and quality standards for animal feed sold in Georgia.  Our goal is to protect Georgia pets and livestock.



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    The Feed Program regulates all animal feed manufacturing in Georgia.  We license feed manufacturers, and one of the requirements to become licensed is submitting product labels for review and approval. Please see our page on Feed and Pet Food labeling requirements.

    All pet and specialty pet food/treats in packages of 10 pounds or less must be registered. Please see our Pet Food page for more information about pet food and registration requirements.

    Producers of medicated feed (known as medicated feed mills) have additional requirements as well.  The Veterinary Feed Directive gives specific rules for prescription-based feed.

Complaints & Incidents

The Georgia Department of Agriculture works diligently to ensure that animal feed is manufactured and held in a manner that is responsible and in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Please notify us using our Feed Incident Form if you believe an adverse incident has occurred.

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