Warehouse & Bonding

The Warehouse & Bonding program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) regulates dealers in agricultural products as well as warehouses that store certain agricultural commodities.  We ensure that these businesses are licensed and have adequate security bond coverage.  Our goal is to help protect Georgia's producers.


  • About this Program

    GDA regulates certain types of agriculture-related warehouse as well as any companies who deal in or distribute agricultural products.  Regulation protects the Georgia producers who store their commodities at the warehouses or sell them to dealers.


    Commercial agricultural storage facilities in the state are licensed, bonded, and inspected for inventory quantity and quality compliance. The regulated warehouses are cotton, grain, and tobacco. Dealers for these products are also required to have licenses.

    Dealers in Agricultural Products

    Non-warehouse facilities that GDA regulates include all businesses or individuals purchasing agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, pecans) from or selling for Georgia producers.  

    Livestock Markets and Dealers

    Anyone who buys or sells livestock on commission must be licensed with the state.  This license does not include poultry dealers.  See our Poultry page for information on poultry dealer licenses.

    Regulated Facilities

    • Dealers in Agricultural Products
    • Cotton Warehouses
    • Cotton Dealers
    • Grain Warehouses
    • Grain Dealers
    • Tobacco Warehouses
    • Tobacco Dealers
    • Livestock Markets
    • Livestock Dealers

    Producer Complaints

    Agricultural producers with a non-payment complaint against one of our licensed facilities can notify us using our online complaint form.

  • Bonding

    Licensed warehouses and dealers in agricultural products must maintain adequate surety bond coverage. The purpose of this coverage is to provide limited financial protection for our Georgia producer or the individual storing the product.

    Our Warehouse & Bonding team checks all bonds to ensure they provide adequate coverage for licensing and that they are issued by an approved company. We also coordinate with federal bonding agencies, investigate nonpayment complaints, perform audits, and handle bond claims.

    Any Georgia producer who wants to verify surety bond coverage of a buyer, make a bond claim, or submit a nonpayment complaint can contact us using the information below.

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