Certificates of Free Sale

The Food Safety Division offers Certificates of Free Sale or Sanitary Trade for our regulated firms within the state of Georgia.

For Certificates of Free Sale regarding Animal Feed, Fertilizer, or Pesticides please email Melissa Smith, at the contact information shown on the right.

Food Safety certificates can be issued for either of the following 2 categories:

  1. Manufacturing Plants:  Manufactured under sanitary conditions, or     
  2. Warehouses:  Products held or stored under sanitary conditions.

Certificates issued only cover commodities regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Division.  Dietary supplements, drugs and other non-food items are not under the regulatory authority of the Department, and no certificates can be issued which contain these types of products.

In order to process a certificate request, the Department must have conducted a routine inspection within the established inspection frequency, and the firm must have no unresolved violations of public health significance.

The Instructions for Certificates of Free Sale page gives full details on what to include in your certificate request.

The cost per certificate is ten dollars ($10).  If your firm would like to request a certificate to accompany your exported food products, please contact us using the information below.  Certificate requests are processed in the order they were received, and as permissible due to the inspection records on file. 

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