Live Plant License Categories and Fees

Live Plant Growers

Container, B&B, Greenhouse, Sod, Collected Native Plants, etc.
*Plus Additional Acreage Fee

Sod or Sprigs
Field Grown Plants
Container, Greenhouse, or Collected Native Plants

*Maximum annual fee to defray cost of inspection is $1,100 per location
*If and applicant registers a fraction of an acre, the full per acre fee will be assessed



Live Plant Dealers
Dealers, Re-Wholesalers, Agents, or Brokers
Florist or Landscaper
Seasonal Vegetable Plant Dealer    


Must provide documentation of their non-profit status with their live plant license application and with each live plant license renewal



Citrus Nursery Registration

By square footage

Note: Must obtain a grower license in addition to the Citrus Nursery Registration