Meat Inspection Label Checklist


There are 5 basic steps required for meat label approval from the State of Georgia Meat Inspection Section (GMIS).

  1. Ensure all mandatory label features are present.
    • Product name
    • Business name and address
    • Handling statement
    • Ingredients statement
    • Inspection legend/Est. number
    • Safe handling instruction
    • Net weight
    • Nutrition labeling (unless exemption applies)
  2. Complete 3 copies of the GMIS Label Submittal Form.
  3. Staple 3 color copies of your label to each of the completed GMIS Label Submittal Forms.
  4. Attach supporting documentation if you are making a special statement or claim on your label.
  5. Submit your documents to either the GMIS in-plant Inspector at the licensed meat processing establishment or the GMIS Program Manager at the GMIS Atlanta Office at the address below.
  • Office Address
    Georgia Department of Agriculture Meat Inspection Section 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr, SW, Room 122 Atlanta, GA 30334 Tel: (404) 656-3673 Fax: (404) 463-1998

    or email to

  • Meat Inspection Section Email
  • Notes

    The GMIS in-plant Inspector can approve single ingredient products that bare no special claims within 3 to 5 business days of receipt of the label approval documents.

    The GMIS Program Manager must approve all product labels with special statements and claims, multiple ingredients; for temporary labels, religious exemptions, exotic species, etc. This label approval process takes up to 7 to 10 business days, once all complete and accurate documents have been received at the GMIS Atlanta Office.

    These instructions are for state inspected and licensed establishments only. Talmadge Aiken (TA) and Federal USDA licensed plants have completely different label approval procedures. If you have any questions about this label approval process please call us at the number below.