Notice of Vote on the Apple Commission Marketing Order

Georgia Apple Growers,

The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Apples, which was established by the Georgia General Assembly in 1962 under the Commodity Promotion Act, is submitting for approval an amendment to its marketing order that changes the range of assessment.  If approved, the amended marketing order will change the current amount of assessment from 2 cents ($0.02) per bushel, to a range of 2 cents ($0.02) to 4 cents ($0.04) per bushel on Georgia produced apples.  This amendment would allow for the Georgia Apple Commission to approve an assessment within this range through a majority vote of a quorum of members that would then become effective upon notice to affected growers.  The purpose of this amendment is to allow for a change in the assessment, without the added process of amending the marketing order, in case an issue arises where more funding is needed.   The Georgia Apple Commission can only use funds collected through assessments for the purpose of research, education, and promotion of Georgia Apples or the Georgia Apple Industry.

Prior to a vote on this amendment, as required by law, there must be a public hearing to allow for comments from those affected by the proposed amendment.   This hearing will be held

Tuesday January 11th, 1:30 PM
Gilmer County Farm Bureau Building
6 Sailors Dr.
Ellijay, GA 30540

Voting on the marketing order shall take place after the public hearing through February 14, 2022.   In order for the marketing order to be approved, at least 25% of the ballots for eligible producers of record must be returned and 66.3% of the returned ballots that are declared valid must have voted affirmatively.

Thank you,

Andy Harrison
Manager, Commodity Commissions
Georgia Department of Agriculture
(404) 710-1196