Premises Registration

A premises is a unique and describable geographic location, where activity affecting the health and/or traceability of animals may occur. Premises include farms, ranches, other production units, markets, abattoirs (slaughter facilities), ports of entry, veterinary clinics/ laboratories, exhibitions, and any other location where livestock are raised, held, or boarded.

Each premises has a Premise Identification Number (PIN) assigned.  The PIN is a unique 7 digit alpha-numeric code determined by a central allocator. There is no charge associated with setting up a PIN.

A PIN may be required by feral hog licenses, livestock shows, livestock sales, laboratories for testing of livestock and to obtain some licenses. Under federal law a PIN must be set up before tags can be assigned and distributed for animals at that location.

To request a PIN, fill out and sign the Premises Registration Form and send to the  address listed on the form.