SPCC Guidance Policies

These polices and fact sheets are issued by Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission to provide regulatory guidance to structural pest control licensees. 

Notice 00-02: DCO Supervision Guidance Policy

Notice 03-01: Use of Dye Marker on Wood Applied Termiticides

Notice 07-01: Cheating on Exam Policy

Notice 09-02: Post Application Precautionary Statements

Notice 09-03: Specific Areas Treated Guidance Policy 

Notice 10-01 Allowances for Certain Sales Practices

Notice 10-02Applicants Involved in a Pending Disciplinary Action Policy

Notice 10-14: Self-Reporting Enforcement Response Policy

Notice 11-01: Methods of Application

Notice 13-01: Recertification Course Requirements

Notice 14-02: Pesticide Use Record Compliance Fact Sheet

Notice 14-03: New Company Fact Sheet

Notice 14-04: Wood Destroying Organisms Contract Fact Sheet

Notice 14-08: Under-Floor Space Ventilation Fact Sheet

Notice 14-09: Official Waiver Fact Sheet

Notice 14-10: Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report Fact Sheet

Notice 14-14: Wood Destroying Fungi Fact Sheet

Notice 14-15: Wood Destroying Beetles Fact Sheet

Notice 15-01: Official Georgia WIIR for HUD and VA Mortgages

Notice 16-03: Termite Warranty Retreatment Rule

Notice 16-04: Profume Fumigant and Posting

Notice 17-01: Business Naming Policy

Notice 17-03: State Inspections Fact Sheet

Notice 17-04: Alternate Application Technique

Notice 18-01: Pre-Examination Training Form

Notice 18-04:Spray Foam Insulation and Pest Management

Notice 18-05: Employee Registration

Notice 21-01: Authorized Submitter

Notice 21-03:Honeybee Removal Fact Sheet

Notice 22-01: FBPA Compliance (Notice of 3-day right to cancel)

Notice 24-01: Termite Baiting

Notice 24-04: Termite Monitoring Only

Notice: New Definitions 

Notice: Bait System on New Construction