Structural Pest Compliance Assistance

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) regulates pesticide use according to federal and state laws. We serve as a resource for the pest control industry.  Our compliance assistance program helps structural pest control operators to meet the requirements of the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act. To help them understand and comply with all the rules, the program offers outreach, guidance policies, training, compliance assistance visits, and detailed answers to questions.

Compliance Assistance Modules (CAMs)

CAMs help inspection staff explain regulatory requirements of the GDA’s Strategic Plan during routine compliance inspections. The CAM Library is an excellent resource for training pest management professionals.

Compliance Assistance Inspections

GDA compliance inspections are routine for new companies. They’re usually conducted 3-4 months after the company license is issued. The inspections will monitor compliance in pesticide use, record keeping, contracts, pesticide storage and disposal, vehicles, and licensing.

If violations are found, your company will be told what they are and how to correct them. Resources such as guidance policies will be offered as well.

Compliance Monitoring

To monitor compliance with the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act, the GDA conducts regular inspections and documents all violations. New rules, policies, and major pesticide label changes are provided during the inspection.

Self-Auditing and Reporting

The GDA has adopted a self-reporting policy to encourage PMPs to audit and report compliance violations. We strongly support public and environmental safety, which is why we promote prompt compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. Full and continuing compliance builds confidence in the structural pest control industry. For more information on our self-reporting policy please see our SPCC Guidance Policies page.

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