Celebrating Women in Ag - Kendall Rae Johnson

Celebrating Women in Ag - Kendall Rae Johnson

Our Celebrating Women in Ag feature continues with Kendall Rae Johnson


Who is making waves in the agricultural community as Georgia's youngest certified farmer and owner of aGROWKulture, an urban farm in Atlanta. Kendall's journey marks a significant milestone for the next generation of ag leaders, as she demonstrates that agriculture is vital for the sustained growth of Georgia's No.1 industry and is a rewarding pursuit for young people. In embodying the essence of progress, Kendall serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the indispensable role of the next generation in shaping the future of agriculture. As we spotlight the invaluable contributions of women throughout history, Kendall's story is one of female and youth empowerment in agriculture and we are proud of the work she is doing to promote Georgia agriculture to the next generation. Join us in honoring trailblazers like Kendall Rae Johnson, whose profound commitment leaves an enduring mark on Georgia.

GDA: Can you tell us how you got started with farming?

Kendall Rae Johnson: I got started from my grandmother Kate. She taught me how to take our leftover collard green stems and replant them to make more greens. It was magical to see them grow, and that made me want to try growing other things.

GDA: What's your favorite part about farming?

KRJ: Watching plants grow from a tiny seed. It is amazing, magic. 

GDA: What's your favorite thing to grow? And what's your favorite thing to eat that you've grown?

KRJ: Carrots are my favorite thing to grow and eat. Because they help the soil and they are delicious.

GDA: What are some fun or interesting activities you do at aGROWKulture?

KRJ: Tending to the bees and hanging out with my friends, teaching them about taking care of the soil.

GDA: What can parents and teachers do to help kids become more interested in farming and gardening?

KRJ: Make fun challenges with great prizes and explore the crazy life in the garden.

GDA: What are some things you like to teach other kids about gardening?

KRJ: I like to teach about sustainability, like composting.

GDA: If someone wants to become a farmer like you, what advice would you give them?

KRJ: Start growing. Even if things go wrong, keep growing.

DA: What do you enjoy doing for fun when you're not farming? Do you have any favorite hobbies or activities you like doing with your family?

KRJ: I love baking and creating things. I like visiting different parks in our state. I love going to six flags.